Once you taste the oil and feel the sense of joy coming from its every drop, you will understand why we chose to make the Sunflower Oil. Its aromatic and golden properties are captivating — a true taste of luxury…

Principal Refining Steps


Elimination of impurities from the oil.


In addition to color pigments, Bleaching also removes residual phosphatides


Deodorization is the final stage of Oil refining. It removes odoriferous matter


Dewaxing or Winterization is a process to remove solids

Our Mission

Nature Oil LLC’s purpose is the production of competitive products meeting all customers’ demands in domestic and foreign markets. All production processes are fully automated. Using modern software support allows to achieve ease in operation, correctness in compliance with main process requirements, and exclude in full the human factor in production, which guarantees excellent quality and safety of produced products. Continuous monitoring of the production cycle and use of modern innovative technologies allows preventing the raw, semi-finished, and finished products from being potentially dangerous ones.


Quality records don’t happen by accident

12+Years of Experience
25MTons Sold
78Modern Machines
500+Expert Workers

Pure and natural

All About Sunflower Oil

Like most vegetable oils, sunflower oil, which is extracted from sunflower seeds, is available in both refined (neutral-tasting) and cold-pressed (buttery, nutty) forms. Cold-pressed, and unrefined. Today, sunflower oil is a food, a medicine, and a skin treatment. It is available in several forms, each with a different formula and with its own health benefits. Sunflower oil is popular vegetable oil in the kitchen because of its mild flavor and high smoke point. Sunflower oil has many health benefits because it is low in saturated fat and high in two types of fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and monounsaturated fatty acids.

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Every Step of the Supply Chain

Warehousing and transport infrastructure of the enterprise includes a powerful elevator complex for raw materials storage, the silos-type facilities for meals and husks storage, bulk storage tanks, which allows to store up to 5,000 tons of oil at one time, road and rail transport interchanges, which allow providing handling operations without failing.
Quality and safety control of incoming raw materials and processes of output as well as shipping of finished products are provided by a certified test laboratory, which is part of the enterprise infrastructure. Optimally matched equipment, the introduction of modern technologies for the production of refined oils as well as the use of non-waste production schemes allow maximizing the plant capacity with the lowest production losses.